FAQs for New Players

Q: I’m new to the league, how do I start?
A: Sign up for a team here: https://premierleaguetennis.com/register/signup/

Q: How do I pay for the league play?
A: Season fee can be paid here: https://premierleaguetennis.com/register/
– $25 per player per season using PayPal (secured payment, we do not keep any data).

Q: What level is this league?
A: USTA rating of 4.5+ We have players who are also 5.0

Q: What days is the leagued played?
A: Tuesday nights. Most matches start at 7:30 pm. Camelback Village matches start at 8 pm.

Q: Where is the leagued played at?
A: We currently have 2 Clubs (DC Ranch Village and Camelback Village) where you have to be a member. We also have 4 teams playing out of Phoenix Tennis Center and Phoenix Country Club.
– Camelback Village https://villageclubs.com/locations/camelback/
– DC Ranch Village https://villageclubs.com/locations/dc-ranch/
– Phoenix Tennis Center http://phoenixtenniscenter.net/
– Phoenix Country Club https://www.phoenixcountryclub.com
– Phoenician https://www.thephoenician.com/athletic-club/
– Indian School Park https://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/parks/indian-school-park

Q: What team should I play for?
A: This is a player preference. Some people like to play for a team that is closest to their house/work. Some like to play for teams where they have personal friendships.

Q. How do I contact the league admin or team captain?
A: Please use our Contact Us form: https://premierleaguetennis.com/contact/

Q. What are the league rules?
A: Please take a look at our rules here: https://premierleaguetennis.com/league-rules/