2015 Fall Season Playoffs Schedule

2015 Fall Season Playoff Schedule is posted here.

PLT Finals are on Tuesday (1/26) at the Phoenix Tennis Center (7:30 pm).

Final: PTC Snider vs Camelback Village


Semifinals are on Tuesday (1/19) at PTC (7:30 pm) and Village Camelback (8:00 pm).

Match #1: PTC Snider defeated DC Ranch Village (4-1)

Match #2:Camelback Village defeated PHX Knutson (4-1)


Quarterfinals Results:

Match #1: DC Ranch Village defeated PTC Murkowicz (4-1)

Match #2: Camelback Village defeated ISP VanAssche (3-2)


2015 Fall Regular Season Final Standings/Seeds:

1 PTC Snider

2 PHX Knutson

3 Camelback Village

4 PTC Murkowicz

5 DC Ranch Village

6 ISP VanAssche


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